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Supporting entrepreneurs supercharged by their performing arts experience through community and investment

Adventure n.

An unusual, exciting exploration of the unknown.

Syncopation n.

Interruption of the regular flow of things.

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Who We Are

We are a community of performers, entrepreneurs, investors and aficionados who have observed firsthand how experience in music, dance, drama and other performing arts supercharges entrepreneurial skills and success in any industry.  

Adventures in Syncopation aims to continue to explore and amplify this connection, support these performer-entrepreneurs, and inspire the next generation. 

Be sure​ to check out our social media channels and Perfect Pitch performer-entrepreneur profiles.

And, if you're a performer-entrepreneur, we want to hear from you!

- The Adventurers

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What We Do



Share the stories of a diverse group of performer-entrepreneurs with a variety of performing and entrepreneurial backgrounds in our Perfect Pitch profile series -- more than 70 so far!



Foster a community of performer-entrepreneurs and their allies by providing online and offline opportunities to connect, share stories and insights, and provide mutual support.



Invest in select early stage companies founded by entrepreneurs with a performing arts background and positioned for outsized returns.

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Blog Spotlight

Perfect Pitch profiles of accomplished performer-entrepreneurs
and occasional insights from the Adventurers

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