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Perfect Pitch: Marco Pinter

Updated: Feb 24

Founder, Choreographer, Performer, Artist

Current City: Santa Barbara, CA

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Founder at MindClay, delivering digital mental wellness to a widespread population through visual art, music & rhythm, movement & dance, and creative writing; all grounded in published evidence-based research. Overcoming the engagement and attrition problems with other mental wellness platforms, by employing fun and healing activities that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. And with this, overcoming the mental health stigma found in many groups and cultures, as a non-threatening portal to mental wellness.

Notable Prior Jobs:

  • Four-time entrepreneur;

  • Telehealth innovation director;

  • Choreographer/performer/artist

When I Started Performing: January 2012, in the Chelsea district of New York, in conjunction with an art opening.

Performing Arts Background: I was part of a 2-week LaMama dance residency in Italy, under the direction of site-specific choreographer Stephen Koplowitz (former Director of Dance at CalArts), which culminated in two public performances at the Festival dei Due Mondi on the streets of historic Spoleto. Prior to that, my first performance was at a gallery in New York, in conjunction with an art opening. Additionally, I perform as a dancer with my own interactive artworks, sometimes solo, sometimes with others. In this context I have performed at festivals and in galleries and museums.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship?

Performers and artists feel the deep need to create. I feel this. We must create -- it's a mission, a passion... almost a compulsion. Similarly, the best entrepreneurs are those who have a deep belief in their mission and a passionate need to bring it to the world.

And more specifically for my own work: Creative movement -- both as a mover and as a witness -- is deeply inspiring and healing. It is the source of many of my ideas extending far outside the movement domain. I have to keep pen and paper nearby when I am developing or rehearsing -- anything can come out of it.

Creativity and inspiration come from a deep somatic source, regardless of the domain, at least for me. Movement can lead to ideas for art, writing, products, services, communication or leadership. It is a key to unlocking inspiration in the mind.

Favorite Performer: Yo-Yo Ma. I had the great pleasure of seeing him perform recently from 2nd row center. The physicality of his performance, and the emotion in his face, added a profound dimension that I never appreciated in his performances in the past.

Follow this Performer:

Instagram – @marcopinter @mindclay

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