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Perfect Pitch: Aaron Hallmark

Founder, Piano, Vocals and more

Aaron Hallmark

Current City: Singapore

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus:

Founder & CEO, FAIT

I have started FAIT, along with my business partners, to bring together the latest advances in AI technology to solve an enterprise integration business problem that I've grappled with over 20 years of my career.

We all know that the latest advances in AI have fostered breakthroughs in consumer-oriented, automated creative content generation (e.g., MidJourney, ChatGPT, Sora, etc.) as well as human-interactive customer support applications (e.g., AI-enabled chatbots). But these latest technological advances also offer the possibility of radically optimizing enterprise-oriented operations. For example, today’s enterprise application integration and systems integration landscape, a $350B global market projected to grow to $950B by 2030, is plagued by massive project time and cost overruns.

FAIT leverages the latest AI technologies, coupled with focused, agile-driven development strategies and practices, to help to drive massive improvements in integration time and cost.

Notable Prior Jobs:

Executive Director & Head of Strategic Integrated Reporting, S&P Global - Built a new regulatory reporting business focused on Tier 1 global financial institutions, after having sold my previous business Catena to S&P Global

CEO, Catena Technologies - Established, built and sold a fintech regulatory reporting business to IHSMarkit, which was subsequently acquired by S&P Global

Head of Professional Services, Americas/APAC, Calypso Technology - Employee #1 in professional services in North America, built the business 20x over the subsequent 2 years before moving to Singapore to do the same in APAC

Senior Software Engineer, Infinity Financial Technology - Learned the intricacies of what it takes to engineer a world-class enterprise software system

When I Started Performing: I've been performing since around age 8, through piano recitals and school musicals. And never stopped!

Performing Arts Background:

Grade School - Piano and musicals

High School - Piano, musicals, drama club, choir, one-act play, saxophone

University - Choir, dorm musicals, a cappella

Post-Grad - A cappella

Now - Learning drums, and will aim to perform with a band when I'm ready!

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship?

I'm not necessarily extroverted by nature, so performing arts helped me to develop nerves of steel in front of an audience - very helpful when presenting a sales or investment pitch.

An early focus on drama helped me to develop an appreciation of narrative structure, which I use to this day when constructing a sales or investment narrative.

And learning to manage the business of a rowdy a cappella group has helped me tremendously in managing my own businesses. To this day, I leverage the very same outreach tips-and-techniques that I used to bring together hundreds of a cappella alumni for reunion shows, when reaching out to markets or when producing network events.

Favorite Performer: So hard to say, so many! I love Will Ferrell for comedy, Tom Cruise for action, Chris Martin for popular music, I could go on and on!

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