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Perfect Pitch: Alvin McClerkin

Founder, COO, Actor

Current City: North Las Vegas.

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Co-Founder and Artificial Intelligence Tech Start Up.

Notable Prior Jobs: Prior to co-founding AI Squared, the most notable job I’ve held is serving as a Quality Assurance Subject Matter Expert for the U.S. Department of Energy.

When I Started Performing: Formally 2011 (at 25 years old).

Performing Arts Background: I have a wide range of performing arts in my background. Growing up I loved to draw and at one point wanted to be an architect or a cartoonist. Once I started to get serious about sports (an art form in its own right) I had no connection to the performing arts world from middle school into college, when I took acting courses.

Ironically, once I started my professional career, I also started my performing arts career. This included a wide range of endeavors. I have appeared as a lead, supporting and extra in various national tv shows, short films, and commercials. I have performed on many different stages as a standup comedian, in opera (Turandot), in theatre (King Henry V), and as a musician.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? There is very little variance between entrepreneurship and performing arts. Some key overlapping attributes for me are the ability to command any room and audience, the ability to pivot and improvise at a moment's notice, and the ability to recover from failure.

Favorite Performer: Will Smith, pre-slap lol. In all seriousness, I know there are other performers who are technically better. However, I like Will’s versatility and charisma. I think that is something that I’ve always identified with. Growing up watching Will Smith win Grammys as a musician, an Oscars as an Actor, success in comedic roles, sitcoms, social media prowess, and as a director.

Follow this Performer:

Twitter - @AlvinMcClerkin

Instagram - @ajperfect

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