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Perfect Pitch: Anurag Kamal

Founder, Guitarist

Anurag Kamal

Current City: San Francisco Bay Area

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: CEO, ElectricFIsh. I lead ElectricFish's mission to revolutionize energy distribution. Leveraging my expertise in Lithium-ion battery modeling, we prioritize data-driven, sustainable ways to build scalable energy storage, rapid EV charging, and community resilience. 

Notable Prior Jobs: Department of Energy, BMW Tech Office, Volvo Trucks. At the computational sciences and energy systems at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, I researched lithium-ion battery simulation and aging mechanisms. At BMW, I focused on software engineering and computing initiatives, while at Eicher Motors, I worked on driveline design and validation of powertrain for heavy-duty truck and bus applications.

When I Started Performing: 2013

Performing Arts Background: Rhythm Guitar

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship?

My performing arts background, particularly my guitar skills and ability to engage coworkers in collaborative performances, has significantly boosted my entrepreneurial journey. In my years working for corporates, my guitar, initially a personal hobby, helped me stand out, not just as an employee, but as a leader who could inspire and unite a team. Leadership saw the value in this cultural shift. They appreciated how these musical activities drove engagement and creativity, aligning with their goals of fostering an innovative and inclusive workplace.

Favorite Performer: Kurt Cobain

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Anurag Kamal Performing

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