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Perfect Pitch: Bo Abrams

Founder, CEO, Guitarist and Trumpeter

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Co-Founder and CEO of kommu (connected home-sharing and travel platform to host trusted friends, interest groups, and communities)

Notable Prior Jobs: My career began in fundraising at Canyon Partners, a Los Angeles-based hedge fund, before transitioning to the startup sector with MNTN, an ad tech company. Alongside my corporate journey, I co-founded Lunges4Lungs, a non-profit focusing on lung transplant rejection research. My pivotal experience came at UCLA Anderson, where I not only worked in venture capital with Watertower Ventures but also met my kommu co-founder, Gus, setting the stage for our entrepreneurial venture in the connected home-sharing and travel industry.

When I Started Performing: At age 8!

Performing Arts Background: Raised in a family of musicians, I initially dabbled in piano alongside my sisters, who became accomplished pianists. My musical journey took a turn when I discovered my passion for the guitar, though it was the trumpet, starting in sixth grade, where I truly found my niche. In high school, I rapidly advanced in the marching band and became a young standout in the symphonic band. This collaborative spirit mirrored in my athletic pursuits, where I naturally gravitated towards team sports.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship?

My background in the performing arts has been instrumental in shaping my entrepreneurial journey with kommu. The discipline and dedication I developed from years of music practice, particularly as a trumpet player, mirror the resilience and perseverance essential in the startup world. In fact, I've always felt that most musicians are entrepreneurs at heart, creating something out of nothing that others find valuable – a trait that resonates deeply with my role at kommu. The teamwork and collaboration I experienced in the performing arts have been invaluable in building and leading kommu's diverse team. Understanding each individual's contribution in an orchestra has helped me manage and appreciate the varied talents within our company. Creativity, a core aspect of the arts, is central to my approach to problem-solving and design at kommu. This ability to think creatively is imperative to kommu's success, whether in strategizing marketing efforts or developing user-centric features. Lastly, the confidence and poise gained from performing have been crucial in my role as CEO. Engaging and captivating an audience, skills honed on stage, are equally vital in the boardroom. In summary, my performing arts background has supercharged my leadership at kommu, blending creativity, teamwork, and an entrepreneurial spirit inherent in musicians, into every facet of my role, especially in driving the creative and design-centric ethos key to kommu's success.

Favorite Performer: Bon Iver

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Facebook – Bo Abrams

Instagram – @9021Bo and @gokommu

LinkedIn – /in/bo-abrams &

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