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Perfect Pitch: Carla-Sophie Sarantellis

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Current City: Paris | Brussels | Saint-Raphael | Strasbourg

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Ingenious Designer & Engineer | CEO, TRIPBIKE

Notable Prior Jobs: Fashion designer

When I Started Performing: 40 years ago!

Performing Arts Background: I started dancing at the age of 5 as soon as I could, alone on my terrace, to my older brother’s soul music records by Joe Tex and Otis Redding. At age 20, during my first pregnancy, I became aware of my body. I started taking Jane Fonda’s classes as well as classical dance lessons. Soon, I started taking modern jazz which became a real passion.

At the same time, I graduated from CREPS in Aix-Provence as an aerobics and Modern Jazz teacher. I started dancing 40 hours per week and kept it up for years! I taught lessons to people from 6 to 70 years old to whom I transmitted the love of dance, the sense of creativity and freedom. I also gave lessons in Asia where I lived for more than 15 years.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? Dance is a demanding discipline - my days start with two hours of dance bar every morning! Dancing requires a healthy lifestyle, discipline, consistency, and physical, spiritual and mental work:

  • Physical because 40 hours a week is real work,

  • Spiritual because we open our chakras so that all the energies circulate between the earth, the air and the sun, and

  • Mental because you’re always going further on stretching, flexibility, working your muscles intelligently, working on your balance, forging your body so that it becomes an effective tool that gives the satisfaction of communicating well-being to students and those around them.

Each day is a new beginning and a need to go further to build oneself physically and mentally.

Without this demanding art and this discipline which have forged and won me my mind and the body, I would not have had the same resilience and persistence to address the different challenges that I face.

Working on the innovation of eco-design products is a new sector that seduces and at the same time challenges received ideas. Being there at the right time, knowing that this is a good time for that innovation, requires a lot of patience and work.

You forge your profession as you forge your body for certain disciplines. The physical and the mental are essential.

Dance has been an important driving force in my life as an entrepreneur and business leader. Whether in fashion design, other innovations, and now my eco-designed product design, I use the resources inside me from dance. Today, I devote less time to dance; however, the "sheathing," both mental and physical, with which I have worked for decades keeps me in perfect physical shape and always gives me so much energy to innovate, create and move forward.

My fundamentals are extremely grounded, my creativity is extremely rich and feeds on adjacent energies: air and light, in which I find the same pattern of my practice as a dancer.

Dance has been a driving force and a vehicle that has allowed me to go ever further and become CEO of TRIPBIKE, the company that manufactures and markets innovative electrically assisted bicycles, the lightest of their kind. bamboo generation and why I am creating a universe of innovative bamboo products. Bamboo symbolically corresponds to my state of mind: its carbon footprint is neutral, it is green, and it bends without breaking.

Favorite Performer: Rudolph Noureev

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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter - @HybooBike

LinkedIn: /in/carla-sophie-sarantellis-54284116a/ /company/hyboo-bike

(This profile was translated from French to English.)

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