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Perfect Pitch: Chris Howard

Founder, CEO, Music Producer

Current City: London, UK.

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: CEO/Co-founder // I focus on understanding and designing ways for creators and artists to 'startup' outside of their core industry.

Notable Prior Jobs: MIT Computational Psychologist Prof. Physics at Harvard University Prof. Technology Entrepreneurship at University College London Prof. Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School Founder/CEO - Libboo (Psychology-tech marketing company for the creator economy) Founding Managing Director - MassChallenge UK Entrepreneur in Residence - Techstars Entrepreneur in Residence - Digital Catapult (UK Government) Entrepreneur in Residence - Exeter University Entrepreneur in Residence - MIT Global Startup Workshops.

When I Started Performing: Aged 11 - regularly performing & touring as a pianist and vocalist in the UK.

Performing Arts Background: I have been a producer, songwriter, and performer since I was 11 years old. This culminated in touring across Europe with the band Optimists - which included working with legendary EDM producer Bobby Bloomfield. Toured/Supported Soulwax, Cilla Black, The Darkness. Performed at major festivals such as Reading, Leeds, Guildfest. Now I co-produce and write with artists such as Too Many Ts, Our Man in the Field, Tucker Martine, etc.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? Prior to my entrepreneurial career, I never had considered the link between creative expression and entrepreneurship. And as I fell into entrepreneurship somewhat by accident, it took me a few years to fully appreciate the transferable skills. Hindsight has helped me to understand that my background in the arts honed my skills in pattern recognition and empathy - two critical ingredients in networking and product design. Additionally, the networks and divergent thinking styles provide for unique and often elegant solutions to problems many would not necessarily identify. And finally, being a former performer (particularly front-person/singer) trained me as a good communicator.

Favorite Performer: Matt Bellamy.

Follow Chris Howard:

Instagram - @iamanoptimist

Facebook - iamanoptimist

LinkedIn - /in/ckhoward

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