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Perfect Pitch: Jackson Foster and Jonathan Ho

Founders, Singers, Musicians

Current City:

Jackson - San Francisco

Jonathan - San Jose

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Co-Founders at Edily

Notable Prior Jobs:

Jackson - Consultant at ZS Associates.

Jonathan - Physics Teacher/Choir Director at East Side Union High School District.

When I Started Performing:

Jackson - I always sang with my dad growing up, and my cousins and I would put on little “shows” for our parents when we were young.

Jonathan - I had my first piano recital when I was 6 years old, and I was terrified.

Performing Arts Background:

Jackson - My dad was a guitarist and singer, so I took a lot of inspiration from him singing me to sleep when I was young. Music school and church musicals when I was really young led to my first musical in middle school, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. After that, I did musicals throughout middle and high school, joined the choir in my sophomore year of high school, and even tried a couple of straight plays. I dabbled in guitar and piano lessons and play very casually, but by the time I got to college, I decided to focus on singing, joining an a cappella group called Counterparts and the Penn Glee Club, although I did participate in a couple musicals in college, including probably my favorite performance experience ever playing Melchior in Spring Awakening.

Jonathan - Classical Piano age 5-12, High School Marching Band/Jazz Band (I was Drum Major!), Penn Glee Club (Tenor, Student Conductor), Doo-Wop/Barbershop (Penn Pipers, Voices in Harmony), I currently serve as the director for the Peninsula Harmony Chorus, a community choir in Los Altos, CA. I’ve had the privilege of performing for big crowds in concerts and singing on a street corner; National Anthems at professional sports games and even background caroling/piano at corporate events!

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship?

Jackson - I gained a tremendous amount of confidence from my singing abilities; I think performance is a huge part of my identity and set the foundation for my strong sense of self-worth. Considering I still get nervous before performing, I can’t imagine how hard public speaking or giving a presentation would be if I hadn’t had a performance background! Being a member of performing arts groups taught me discipline as a necessary element of creation, collaboration with a whole that is more important than the individual parts, and inspired my drive to lead others to build something excellent.

Jonathan - Being a performer has enhanced my ability to sell myself and my ideas. I think I’ve gotten over a lot of fear of public speaking, and I know how to make light of a situation and not take myself too seriously. Preparing for shows and performances certainly feeds my grit and resilience in delivering for Edily!

Favorite Performer:

Jackson - Huge fan of Michael Bublé

Jonathan - PTX! (Pentatonix)

Follow Jackson Foster and Jonathan Ho:

Jackson's Twitter - @TJFIV

Jackson's Instagram - jackf1116

Jonathan's Facebook - jonathan.ho.520

Jackson's LinkedIn - tjacksonfoster

Jonathan's LinkedIn - hojonathan13

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