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Perfect Pitch: Keely Cat-Wells

Founder, Actor, Dancer

Keely Cat-Wells

Current City: Los Angeles

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus:

When in hospital I founded a company that eventually evolved into C Talent, which was acquired by Whalar in 2022. C Talent is dedicated to representing Disabled talent, aiming to reshape perceptions of Disability. Under my leadership, C Talent managed an artist roster with a combined following of over 50 million people. We successfully placed our talent in thousands of projects for renowned brands like Savage X Fenty, HBO, and Disney. We also had the privilege of representing Academy Award and Emmy-nominated Disabled talent. This acquisition was not just a business transaction; it marked a significant investment in Disabled talent and represented a pivotal milestone for the creator industry.

Following this milestone, I went on to establish Making Space, which is my current focus. Making Space is a venture-backed, accessible talent acquisition and learning experience platform. Making Space is designed to allow companies to train and access pre-qualified disabled, overlooked, and underrepresented talent pools. Our goal is to bridge the education-employment gap, creating tangible pathways to employment and career advancement through employer-supported courses. Making Space is a Techstars Economic Mobility 2023 company and was also a winner of Pepperdine’s 2023 ‘Most Fundable Companies’.

Notable Prior Jobs:

Founder & CEO of C Talent

When I Started Performing: I was very young when my amazing Mum put me into dance classes and acting classes, I was terrible at school and was bullied. Performing very quickly became my outlet.

Performing Arts Background: When I was about 10 years old started auditioning for TV & West End theatre projects, and when I was in my pre teens I landed a role in "Oliver!" the musical in the West End at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. My contract kept on being renewed and I started in that job for a number of years. It was the most incredible time.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship?

Few experiences match the dedication, determination, and sacrifice required to become a professional performer. This rigorous background laid the foundation for my strong work ethic and has significantly shaped my entrepreneurial journey. Since starting my career at the age of nine, I've often found myself in challenging situations that seemed beyond my capability. Yet, my youthful, fearless determination pushed me to persevere and excel, a mindset that has been invaluable in my business endeavors. Even now, I face daunting challenges daily, but my early experiences on stage and set have equipped me to confront each day with confidence. The persistence I cultivated, driven by a passion for my pursuits, is a constant feeling I pull from everyday in running my company. The creativity and unconventional thinking required in performance have honed my ability to innovate and solve problems effectively in the business world.

Favorite Performer: Liza Minnelli

Follow this Performer:

Instagram – @_makingspace_

Keely Cat-Wells Performing

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