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Perfect Pitch: Killian Lozach and Genevieve Satzinger

Founders, Jazz Drummer and Dancer

Zillian Lozach

Current City: Washington DC

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: I currently work in a public affairs healthcare advocacy firm which is what gave me the idea to start and create FindMyClinicalTrial. My entrepreneurial focus revolves around creating a platform that efficiently connects patients, doctors, and research sites. FindMyClinicalTrial seeks to revolutionize the current industry standard in recruitment by not only saving time and resources, but also increasing the level of diversity by engaging with key stakeholders and hospital partners. We are creating the platform that connects all these stakeholders and allows clinical research sites to efficiently accelerate their research.

Notable Prior Jobs: Prior to this, I was/still am an undergraduate student at American University. I graduate in May of 2024 and start my MBA in July of 2024 right after. My school focus is international relations affairs, which has allowed me to improve my research and writing proficiency.

When I Started Performing: I started performing and playing jazz drum set at the age of 11.

Performing Arts Background: My background is in jazz drums and music theory. I spent the first couple of years really focusing on performance and drum rudiments, but later learned how to compose and write music through classes I took at school and during the summer at Berklee College of Music.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship?

My performing arts background has really allowed me to apply the dedication and passion I learned while playing drums into my entrepreneurship leadership style. As the founder of FindMyClinicalTrial with a team of 3 and growing, this same passion and dedication has helped lead my team to where we are today. Music is a form of passing passion and arts to others, because of my performance experience I am better able to inspire and motivate the entire team.

One specific skill that jazz drumming has allowed me to apply to entrepreneurship is balancing multiple ongoing things at once. When playing drums, you are constantly thinking about finding ways to separate each limb from each other to be able to add more flavor to your beat, but you also have to keep in mind the larger picture and importance of all those beats coming together. As CEO of FindMyClinicalTrial I am always handling and leading multiple ongoing projects and my skill from jazz drum set allows me to see the larger picture when focusing on smaller aspects of the company. 

Performing in various bands throughout my jazz career also emphasized the importance of getting along with everyone! Music is something that a lot of people are passionate about in different ways and playing in a band is managing those expectations and cultivating those experiences. This skill that I have learned when playing jazz band has allowed me to be more present in any room I enter and get along with people that might have completely different passions from me. In entrepreneurship you never know who you are going to meet and keeping an open mind and sense of thoughtfulness allows me to explore every business connection that I might have. 

Favorite Performer: My favorite performer varies a lot based on different styles of music; however, Ray Charles Robinson is one of my favorite composers, singer, and piano player.

Genevieve Satzinger

Current City: Washington DC

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: I currently work in a public affairs

Partner, SVP, and Programer at FindMyClinicalTrial. Our CTO and I are solely responsible for developing the software, where we both act as full-stack developers. Additionally, as partner, I contribute to our business model and business decisions. Although my area of expertise is in developing, experiencing the business side of things has been really eye-opening and rewarding.

When I Started Performing: 3 years old.

Performing Arts Background: I have been dancing for 17 years until now. From ages 3 to 18, I participated in competition dance in an array of styles, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, tap, and hip-hop. Tap was my favorite during that time! Now, in college, I participate in and serve on the executive board of the largest student run club on campus, AU in Motion. Through AUIM, I've been able to explore more styles and substyles like voguing, whacking, Chicago footwork, and Bharatanatyam.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship?

Truth be told, I think that the biggest impact that dancing has had and continues to have on the rest of my life is that it makes me a happier person. I look forward to being able to dance each week, and I find it really emotionally rewarding, which energizes me and gives me the boost I need to be able to give FindMyClinicalTrial my full attention and effort. 

More tangibly, dance has taught me discipline. As a competitive dancer throughout my childhood and high school career, I spent countless hours in the studio each week building technique and rehearsing choreography. Throughout the school week, I took ballet and technique classes to make me strong; on the weekends, I rehearsed choreography to perfect the dances I would soon take to the stage. Truly, I was committed to becoming the best dancer I could be, and no one stood in my way. At FindMyClinicalTrial, I recognize the same commitment and discipline that I practiced as a competitive dancer. It's difficult to navigate a startup, especially as a student. It requires constant and full attention and effort. Fortunately, I have experience juggling two activities that beg my attention and effort: then, school and dance; now, university and FindMyClinicalTrial. Consequently, I am rarely anxious that when problems arise, our company won't be able to find a solution. With discipline, opportunities are endless.

Favorite Performer: Martha Nichols is my favorite performer and choreographer.

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