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Perfect Pitch: Lani Corson

Founder, Managing Director, Actress

Current City: NYC, NY.

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Managing Director - 2 Ring Circus (Theatrical Circus Company) & Actress in 1st National Tour of Jagged Little Pill.

Notable Prior Jobs: June/Velma US in Broadway National Tour of Chicago Lorraine in the International Tour of 42nd Street Countless regional productions as an actress & aerialist.

When I Started Performing: My first real show was at age 5, but I was told I've been singing since I could speak.

Performing Arts Background: My performance journey began as a child, singing and dancing my little heart out in my home state of Maine. From there I majored in Musical Theatre at Syracuse University and began the gypsy life of a musical theatre performer, touring internationally and working steadily in regional houses across the country. Along the way I found Aerial Arts and decided to run away with the circus! I teamed up with three other musical-theatre-performers-turned-circus-artists to form 2 Ring Circus. Through our ties to the musical theatre community, 2RC has had the opportunity to create circus elements for various theatres and directors across the country.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? From the moment I decided to go to school for Musical Theatre, I heard the phrase, "If there's anything else you can see yourself doing, do that! A life in the arts is very hard." And they were right of course, about the latter - a life in the arts is very difficult. Not that there aren't challenges in any field - but the constant rejection, the transient lifestyle, the strong sense of self and self motivation needed for this path isn't for everyone. But then again, it isn't just for the arts. As an artist (in any medium, really) you are your own business. As an actor, when you walk into that audition room you need to know what you're selling, how to best reach your target audience, and have the confidence to know you are the solution to their problem. And if they say no, you may just need to make your own opportunities. That's how 2 Ring Circus was born - no one was creating the work that we wanted to do. No one was giving us the opportunity, so we made it. Resourcefulness, work ethic, organization, determination - these are all traits I learned throughout my performance education and career.

Favorite Performer: Too many to name!

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