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Perfect Pitch: Naeem Komeilipoor

Founder, Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist

Naeem Komeilipoor

Current City: Montreal

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus:

Dr. Naeem Komeilipoor, an engineer and entrepreneur, leverages his expertise in Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, and AI across multiple countries. As the founder and CTO of AAVAA, he leads a team developing groundbreaking wearable devices, such as smart glasses, headphones, and earbuds. These devices interpret brain and bio-signals, transforming them into actionable commands. Naeem's leadership involves building a strategic IP portfolio, including critical patents, with the potential to revolutionize markets like hearables, AR glasses, VR headsets, and medical devices. Recognized as one of C2's Top 25 Emerging Entrepreneurs of 2021, nominated for Quebec Entrepreneur of the Year 2022, and listed in The Top 100 Magazine's Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs of 2022, Naeem is a notable figure in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Notable Prior Jobs:

Naeem's journey to founding AAVAA began with his postdoctoral training at the esteemed BRAMS (Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound Research) at the University of Montreal. Before that, Naeem made significant contributions as a researcher at the University of Helsinki. The results of these works, exploring the connections between neuroscience, language, music, and human movement, were published in prestigious journals. Throughout his career, he shared his expertise by supervising and mentoring numerous graduate and undergraduate trainees globally.

Before starting AAVAA, Naeem founded a previous startup called AiFriend. His work on developing AI solutions for senior well-being, including robo-chatbots and wearable trackers, gained recognition from the Health Minister of Quebec, highlighting his innovative achievements.

When I Started Performing: I embarked on my journey in the performing arts during my teenage years, immersing myself in performing, writing, and composing my own music, which I shared with family and friends.

Performing Arts Background: I started performing my music as a teenager, playing in small venues and connecting with diverse audiences. During my European studies, I consistently showcased my music in various venues. Upon arriving in Montreal, my performances expanded to different occasions, and I participated in events like Nuit Blanche, a significant art festival in Quebec.

Despite my busy schedule with entrepreneurial ventures, I'm currently preparing for a summer 2024 performance of my latest songs. This ongoing commitment to balancing entrepreneurship and artistic expression underscores the meaningful role performing arts continue to play in my life.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship?

My background as a musician, entrepreneur, and scientist has uniquely shaped my entrepreneurial journey. Playing in a band taught me collaboration and effective communication, skills seamlessly applicable to entrepreneurship. The performing arts cultivated my ability to express ideas convincingly and build relationships. These skills, coupled with storytelling abilities, have been instrumental in narrating the story of my technological innovations, enhancing my product's brand image, and securing patents and recognition. In essence, my performing arts experience has driven my entrepreneurial success, allowing me to approach challenges with creativity and strategic thinking, leading to groundbreaking advancements and industry recognition.

Favorite Performer: Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Muse, and Radiohead

Follow this Performer:

X/Twitter – @AAVAA_Inc

Naeem Komeilipoor Performing

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