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Perfect Pitch: Saskia Griffiths-Moore

Founder, Director, Singer-Songwriter

Current City: London, UK.

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Singer-Songwriter & founding director of Talent Is Timeless.

Notable Prior Jobs: Before making the career shift to music I trained and worked as a Craniosacral Therapist on Harley Street in London.

When I Started Performing: 2014.

Performing Arts Background: I began by diving in - jumping straight to full time performing without any official training. However, I did specialise in recording & performing throughout my schooling years, refusing to study anything but music and philosophy and those skills have served me well throughout my life. I felt the only way forward would be to close the door behind me and use necessity to force innovation and success. It's been the better part of 10 years and I would say that strategy worked for me.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? I bootstrapped my way into the music industry and was forced to be profitable from day 1. I actually took principles of entrepreneurship into the arts rather than the other way around and it seems to have come full circle now with my business venture. I built my musical career on the lean start up model combined with the product launch formula and continued to experiment, doubling down on anything that was successful and crowdfunding my way forwards. I was awarded many grants from the uK government for my innovative projects and having had to start lean meant that when it came to handing budgets of half a million or more I was laser focused on success and on getting feedback from my audiences to better serve them. There are many skills that transfer between arts and business but the one thing that doesn't cross over is a sense of meaning. While it has served me well to build my career around what is successful and to build a (story) brand via digital marketing, when it comes to art, the most meaningful criteria of success is not revenue, or social media stats, but what place it has in your life. With my art I am mostly on the side of having integrity with my music, and taking feedback from my audience, and with my business venture I lean more towards what is serving people best rather than what I think would be good to offer them. Now, to go the other way a little, when I started Talent Is Timeless I had the full intention of serving an under-recognized and under-valued demographic by shining a light on them and encouraging them to take their place in the music industry. Talent Is Timeless is an age positive global songwriting movement with a free to enter annual competition and a year round membership site for social connect and self paced education. This entire movement grew around the interests of the community I serve and I have taken their direction on everything - from building a membership site, to offering monthly and weekly online events in different time zones, and running retreats, creating artistic opportunities and showcasing talent all over the world. My performing arts background is the key to understanding what these people feel, and how to lift them up, and my keen sense of branding, marketing, and budgeting have made this entire venture possible.

Favorite Performer: I'm a country fan at heart and I would see Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings every day of the week.

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Instagram - @saskiagmsings @talentistimeless

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LinkedIn - @saskiagmsings @talentistimeless

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