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Stay Tuned: The Overture, Movement #3 of 3: The Crescendo

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Appropriating one of the great lines of cinema, I’m turning this endeavor up to 11.

Today, I’m launching “Adventures in Syncopation”!

“Adventures” because the journey from my winter walk through all those conversations thus far to this moment has been an adventure at every turn.

“Syncopation” because, like the combination of performing and entrepreneurship, syncopation is an interruption in the regular flow of things, a delightful (musical) blend of the unexpected and intuitive.

“Adventures in Syncopation” has four primary focus areas, which continue the exploration while doing much more to facilitate conversation and community:

  • Connection: Continuing conversations with entrepreneurs, musicians, performers, investors, and educators about how music and performing arts training and performance builds skills that can supercharge entrepreneurship in any field

  • Discovery: Exploring research about the entrepreneurial skills, mindset, and success of those with music and performing arts backgrounds

  • Community: Fostering a community of performer-entrepreneurs, and their allies by providing opportunities to connect, and share their stories and insights

  • Support: Championing entrepreneurs with music and performing arts backgrounds through online and offline visibility, community-building, and other initiatives in development

At this stage, you can engage and help in a number of ways:

  • follow Adventures in Syncopation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and repost our posts

  • suggest entrepreneurs to be featured in Perfect Pitch (check out our inaugural profile of Pico founder and CEO, and singer, pianist and violinist Nick Chen)

  • connect us with organizations such as educational institutions or entrepreneurial organizations to explore potential collaboration on research, convenings, and community

If you’d like to take a more active role in the project and join the Team, or have any other feedback or suggestions, then please reach out by pressing the "Follow Our Journey" button in the navigation above.

Thank you for joining me on these Adventures!

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