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Perfect Pitch: Adam Green

Founder, CEO, Pianist

Current City: East Lansing, Michigan

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: President and CEO, UniServices USA (Gig-service marketplace for students and community building); Law Student

Notable Prior Jobs: Constituent Coordinator during undergrad for Speaker of the House, Clerk Intern for MI Court of Appeals Judge, MI House of Representatives Office of Legal Counsel clerk, COO of Dome IQ a digital political advocacy company

When I Started Performing: 3rd grade!

Performing Arts Background: Have played piano since 3rd grade, and attended multiple fine arts camps for Viola during my middle school years - unfortunately I did not keep up with the viola.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? My performing arts background in piano helped supercharge my entrepreneurial interests in UniServices during law school by providing me with a unique set of skills and experiences that set me apart from most entrepreneurs. Specifically, my experience in performing arts taught me the importance of discipline, dedication, and practice. To be a successful entrepreneur, especially during law school, it requires the utmost dedication and discipline to the company. Much like performing arts, this dedication is paramount for success, and ultimately what separates those who fail or succeed – regardless of pure talent. I’ve also been able to develop my communication and interpersonal skills, creativity and innovation through performing arts. Especially with playing the piano, there are numerous and constant hurdles to overcome while reading music, creating music, and or performing in a group like I do with my church in order to keep up with other performers. This is like entrepreneurship where the ability to adapt and stay nimble on your feet is of extreme importance. These skills and experiences were critical for my success as an entrepreneur, and they helped me overcome challenges and push forward in building and growing UniServices.

Favorite Performer: Freddie Mercury.

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Instagram - @adam__green__

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