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Perfect Pitch: Josh Seidenfeld

Founder, CEO, Indie Rock Musician

Current City: Oakland, CA.

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Founder and CEO, Creyo (an app to help people build a creative habit).

Notable Prior Jobs: Supply Chain Clean Energy Program Lead, Meta; Supply Chain Clean Energy Project Manager, Apple.

When I Started Performing: At a coffee house in San Antonio, Texas, age 15. It was not pretty!

Performing Arts Background: I sing, play guitar and write songs for Boy in the Bubble, a Bay Area indie-rock band I formed in 2006. We made two albums that were heard on radio around the world, played SXSW twice, toured nationally, sold out Bay Area venues like Bottom of the Hill, and opened for bigger acts like Ben Harper. I particularly love writing and was honored to be a fellow (alongside my wife) at Blue Mountain Center. I wrote 30 songs in the month-long fellowship and chose the best 12 for Boy in the Bubble's second album, The King.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? Creative confidence: After years creating alone and in groups, I'm confident in my ability to come up with a bunch of new ideas, and in my ability to help a team generate new ideas. Improvisation: I'm not scared to go off the script. In fact I relish it because I know that often many of the best ideas come from these transgressions. Big companies and business schools have gotten wise to the power of "yes/and" and I feel lucky to have learned it as a performer. Comfort in front of a room: I'm at home presenting, and value the performance-enhancing rush that comes from getting in front of a big group. Resilience: I and many of my musician friends have literally sold CDs out of the trunk of our cars. We're used to knocking on doors, putting ourselves out there, sometimes facing rejection and dusting ourselves off. I wish I'd known when I was starting out that a bad review or a dismissive rejection from a booker is actually a gift...the best lesson in resilience you could ask for. Growth mentality: I didn't really play much music till I was a teenager. I thought I "wasn't musical." But now playing music is core to who I am as a person. That experience blew to bits any "fixed mentality" thinking I may have had left. I believe people constantly grow, change and learn in surprising and exciting ways.

Favorite Performer: That's an impossible question for me to answer but I just saw some Aretha Franklin performances that brought me to tears.

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