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Perfect Pitch: Dan Mascola

Founder, Executive Product Advisor, Songwriter

Current City: Beverly, MA.

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Founder at Moosiko and also Executive Product Advisor for AWS. I started Moosiko 3 years ago because I had a passion for music, education, and technology. My mission is to make music more accessible to more people around the world.

Notable Prior Jobs: Founder of yoga apparel company in my early 20s. VP of Product and Marketing at Off the Grid in San Francisco.

When I Started Performing: Sophomore year in college.

Performing Arts Background: I was forced to take Piano lessons as a kid and I hated it because we played boring "kid" songs and classical music, I ended up quitting after a year. My freshman year roommate in college was a music major and taught me guitar, where we'd jam to fun songs like The Beatles, Phish, and all the 90s bands I grew up on. I was hooked on music after that. I played in some friend bands in college mostly around Northeastern and a few bars in Boston. I grew to like writing original songs more than playing covers. I've written at least 100 songs. One in particular called Nudibranch got popular among my friends and family and was the first dance at my wedding. I continue to write songs mostly for my 2 year old son now. A core philosophy of my startup Moosiko, is teaching kids music using songs they know and love, so they don't quit on the first try like I did.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? When writing a new song, you've got to create something from nothing. It's just you and a blank canvas. In order to see what others think of your song, you've got to perform it, usually leaning on your primary skill (guitar and catchy melodies for me) and struggling through your weak skills (singing and lyrics for me). But the only way to make it better is to put it out there. I love creating something from nothing as well as the uncertainty, vulnerability, and ultimately growth that comes with the process. Creating a new product or new business follows the same creative and emotional path that I am drawn to.

Favorite Performer: The Boss - Bruce Springsteen.

Follow this Performer:

Twitter - @moosiko_

Instagram - @moosiko_

Facebook - MoosikoMusic

LinkedIn - /in/danmascola

TikTok - moosiko

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