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Perfect Pitch: Akarsh Vinod

Founder, Manager, Percussionist

Current City: Los Altos, CA.

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Started a wireless speaker company with a mission to make listening easy: Dio Technologies. We are launching the first affordable multi-room speaker system that does it all.

Notable Prior Jobs: My current full time job is as a Global Supply Manager at Meta Platforms (Facebook). I am building up my speaker business as my current side business.

When I Started Performing: I started more seriously performing in Middle School. However, my elementary school programs were also always filled with music and concerts, as well as my parents always signing me up for guitar and piano lessons.

Performing Arts Background: Percussion/drums. Throughout middle and high school, I was always part of a variety of music groups such as school band, after school jazz band, weekend community orchestra, percussion ensemble, honor band, and my neighborhood rock band.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? First off, I'm building a wireless speaker company ;) I have always seen the immense potential of audio, but in today's world, technology focuses almost entirely on the visual medium (i.e looking through screens for content), and the audio space is highly neglected. Also, as a general principle of entrepreneurship, my performing arts background has helped me have the stomach for putting myself (and my creativity) out there without worrying about what people will think of me. I launched an Indiegogo campaign, where I am in my own video and opening up this pet project of mine to the entire public to review and provide feedback on. I don't know how easily I would be able to do any of that if I wasn't already used to public performances.

Favorite Performer: Ooo that's a tough one. In terms of music, probably the band AJR. However, I also deeply admire Mark Hamill's voice acting (especially as the Joker in the Batman animated series/Arkham video games) + recently Andrew Garfield for his performance (singing, piano, AND acting) in Tick Tick Boom.

Follow Akarsh Vinod:

Twitter - @akarsh_vinod @DioTechnologies

Instagram - @diospeakers

Facebook - diotech

Website -

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