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Perfect Pitch: Alain Merville

Founder, CEO, Musician

Current City: Boston, MA

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: CEO & Founder of Yousicplay

Notable Prior Jobs: Berklee College of Music professor; Director of Operations at Sugarbabies Inc.; Founder of Nate Bash Band.

When I Started Performing: 14 years old

Performing Arts Background: Studied at Berklee College of Music; Musical Director of Artists; Music Producer and Arranger.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? I’ve used nearly all of the concepts I learned in music to supercharge my entrepreneurial ventures. In music I learned to problem solve, to understand patterns, to be discipline and consistent in refining a skill set, the art of improvisation and adapting to various situations, understanding my audience, understanding my value as a brand and product that a customer would pay for or hire, fight through the negativity centered around peers and family claiming that I should get a real job, learned to work with a trusted and skilled team or band members… to name a few.

Favorite Performer: Herbie Hancock

Follow Alain Merville:

Twitter - @alain_merville

Instagram - @alainmerville

Facebook - alain.merville.1

LinkedIn - alain-merville

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