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Perfect Pitch: David Hornik

Partner, Investor, Performer

Current City: Split time between Palo Alto, CA and Chelsea, NYC

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: General Partner, Lobby Capital (

Notable Prior Jobs: I have been a VC at August Capital and Lobby Capital for the last 20+ years. Prior to that I was an attorney representing startups.

When I Started Performing: I began studying violin at the age of 7. I also spent my childhood on stage as an actor/singer. Somewhere along the line my primary instrument became bass.

Performing Arts Background: My undergraduate degree is in Computer Music. I continue to dabble in music, playing bass in the occasional band. But mostly enjoy the music of others.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? I believe that great entrepreneurs and investors need to have a mix of logic and creativity to help bring the future to life. In many ways, music is that same mix — creativity meets logic and structure. There is little doubt that the performing arts help teach valuable skills that are applicable very broadly in business, particular when it comes to presenting, promoting, and selling.

Favorite Performer: Philip Glass, Stephane Grappelli, DEVO

Follow David Hornik:

Twitter - @davidhornik

[Photo courtesy of Christopher Michel.]

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