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Perfect Pitch: Jeff Dachis

Founder, Dancer, Actor

Current City: New York, NY

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: CEO, Health Technology

Notable Prior Jobs: Founder, CEO, Chairman, Razorfish.

When I Started Performing: 2nd grade.

Performing Arts Background: Dance, theater, film.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? My experience in the performing arts laid the foundation for everything I do now. The ability to bring ideas to life, intense discipline, unwavering belief in myself, and resilience in the face of rejection all significantly contribute to powering my entrepreneurial journey.

Favorite Performer: The Beastie Boys.

Follow Jeff Dachis:

Twitter - @jeffdachis, @onedroptoday, @razorfish

Facebook - jeffreydachis, razorfish, onedroptoday

LinkedIn - jeffreydachis, razorfish, onedroptoday

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