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Perfect Pitch: Jeff Wraley

Founder, CEO, Musician

Current City: Indianapolis, IN.

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Founder & CEO of Groundwork, a virtual sales software tool for home improvement contractors.

Notable Prior Jobs: On-site engineering and technology roles at Detroit-based commercial contractor, Barton Malow Company.

When I Started Performing: Saxophone in grade school, always had an audience in one way or another as a kid.

Performing Arts Background: I was really into sports growing up but started Show Choir in High School and really enjoyed the experience.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? Participating in the performing arts requires, among other things, confidence. As a varsity athlete that joined the high school show choir, I was charting a fairly unusual course. I feel like learning to be comfortable in multiple scenarios and having the confidence to step into different environments has had a huge impact in my entrepreneurial journey. Combining two seemingly disparate ideas is exactly what I am doing with Groundwork where we are bringing tech into the somewhat "old school" home improvement industry. I also see my experience in show choir giving me an edge up in sales and even in investor pitches. A successful performance will evoke emotion, build a connection, and make you think. That's exactly what you want to do when you are selling and pitching. Even some of the small things - how to present yourself onstage, holding a microphone correctly, breathing techniques, and annunciation. Those things really do add up.

Favorite Performer: My Kids' Band, 'Sonic Rock' :) They are 8 and 6.

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