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Perfect Pitch: Kristina Bermudez

Founder, Dancer, Artistic Director

Current City: New York City, NY.

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Artistic Director, Project.KB - Choreographer, Freelance Artist, Social Media/PR, Curation - Focus on Choreography and Creative Entrepreneurship.

Notable Prior Jobs: Ensemble Dancer New York City Center, Dancer for Broadway Developmental Lab, Whitney Museum Dancer, Commissioned Choreographer at Boston Conservatory, Manager at PeriDance, Manager at Ballet Academy East, Intern at Dance.NYC.

When I Started Performing: 3 years old haha.

Performing Arts Background: Ballet, Contemporary, Post-Modern, Musical Theater, Theater, Film.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? Discipline; passion; having no option to do anything but figure out a way to build a career in dance and choreography. These are the same skills and mentalities that a student who is training practices when strengthening their dance technique. There is no such thing as no, because if you can't do it, someone else will, and with ease. This way of thinking is embedded deep within a dancer's psyche, muscle memory (including the brain's muscles) which is ultimately making affirmations. When I overwork myself or get overwhelmed, at least the hurt that happens is combated by love; that's the perk of following your heart in entrepreneurship. Audiences are invested in the story and so as I build Project.KB, I continue to focus on the mission, which is to build a sustainable economy for dance. In my opinion, sustainability builds community. As a New Yorker who calls Brooklyn her home, I knew the brand had to be influenced by the city's nuances, but also be truly representative of my dance experiences. I need to be connected to a larger community than that of just dance. An audience that doesn't know how much they appreciate art or love dance. By remaining connected to that headspace of affirmation, there is only one direction Project.KB can grow, and that is upwards.

Favorite Performer: Too many to answer. David Dorfman, Miley Cyrus, Danielle Polanco.

Follow Kristina Bermudez:

Twitter - @_projectkb

Facebook - projectkbcreative

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