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Perfect Pitch: Ryan Fant

Founder, Innovator, Jazz Musician

Current City: Chicago, IL

Current Job and Entrepreneurial Focus: Head of Operations and Innovation at ConnectM Technology Solutions

Notable Prior Jobs: Co-Founder at Keen Home

When I Started Performing: My first performing experience was singing in church at 8 years old. I started taking much more seriously in 6th grade as a member of my high school jazz band.

Performing Arts Background: I studied jazz performance in college, and performed on stage as a singer/actor in high school and college.

How did your performing arts background supercharge your entrepreneurship? My background as a performer gave me a strong ability to listen and adapt to what is going on around me. Whether playing in a jazz ensemble or strategizing with my Board of Directors, these skills really benefit me as an entrepreneur.

Favorite Performer: Mandolinist/vocalist Chris Thile. In addition to his talent as a performer, he has spent his career innovating and advancing the art form, unafraid to try new things.

Follow Ryan Fant:

LinkedIn - ryanfant

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